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Ancient City of Ephesus

This is an ancient city that is located at the western part of Turkey. This is known the best preserved Roman city in the world and welcomes millions of the people from all around the world. Especially, the city of Ephesus is visited by the cruisers from Port of Kusadasi.

Cruise ship from Kusadasi

Most of the visitors of Ephesus Ancient City are from cruise ships that docked to port of Kusadasi. This is the second largest cruise port city in Turkey after Istanbul.

Ephesus Archaeological Museum

This is a small museum that the people can see all the small foundations, statues, coins, from Ancieant City of Ephesus.

Ephesus Ruins

Ephesus Ruins is best preserved Roman City in the world. Millions of the people visit the ruins of Ephesus in every year.

Ephesus Tours

This is a tour that was operated by an Ephesus Tour company in Izmir. The tour covers an Ephesus Local Tour Guide, Mercedes van and driver.

Ephesus Tour Company

Tour company in Ephesus organizing Private Ephesus Tours with local licensed Ephesus Tour Guides.

Ephesus Tour Guides

Professional licensed tour guides who work for local tour companies in Ephesus. Most of the tour guides in Ephesus are independent and work for different Ephesus Tour companies.

Ephesus Archaeological Tour

This is the tour option that cover all the Archaeological sites of Ephesus. We visit Ancient City of Ephesus, Terrace Houses, Ephesus Archaeological Museum and Temple of Artemis. Our guests who likes history and archaeology prefer to book this tour option.

Highlights of Ephesus

Highlights of Ephesus are, Ancient City of Ephesus, House of the VirginMary, Temple of Artemis and Terrace Houses. Most of the cruisers prefer to visit these all places during the stop in Kusadasi.

Izmir Ephesus Tours

This is a Ephesus Tour Company that is number one on Tripadvisor who gives Private Ephesus Tours from Izmir, hotels, cruise port city and Izmir Airport.

Harbour Master of Kusadasi

This the the official who is in charge of a harbour in Kusadasi, the port city.

House of the Virgin Mary

This is a the house that is located very closed to Ancient City of Ephesus, at the top of the mountain and accepted where Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, spent final years of her life. Vatican and Popes accepted here as pilgrimage centre.

John the Apostle in Ephesus

It is estimated that John brought Mary to Ephesus since Jesus intrusted his mother to John. We are sure John was in Ephesus since he was burried here.

Kusadasi Port

Kusadasi cruise port is the place where we met our guests from cruise ships and we start our Ephesus Tours.

Library of Celsus

It was the third largest library in ancient world.

Private Ephesus Tours

This is a private tour to Ephesus from Izmir, only for a family, group of friends or a couple. There is no one in the tour beside this party.

Saint John Basilica

This is a huge basilica that was built for John the Apostle. Most of the Ephesus Tour visit this place to see the tomb of John.

Ship Company

This is a company that arranges package hotel service and tours by ship.

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