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• Did you know Ephesus is one the biggest and well-preserved ancient cities in the world and many visitors use Izmir Ephesus Tours?

• Did you know the toilets in Ephesus were located next to each other side by side, and there is no partition between the seats and no privacy between the people ?

• Did you know first the slaves were sitting on the toilet seats to wirming up the seats, then the rich people on wirmed seats?

• Did you know the ancient Romans in Ephesus knew the true shape of the world even back in the 1st century AD? It can be understood from the round shape of the world in front of Trajan Fountain.

• Did you know the facade of Celsus Library has 2 stories but the interior facade has 3 stories because of original architecture?

• Did you know the Celsus Library in Ephesus was the third largest library in ancient world with the capacity of 12,000 scrolls after the Alexandra and Pergamum?

• Did you know one of the early philosophers Heraclitus was born in Ephesus and his famous motto that an individual can and can not step into the same river twice?

• Did you know the first church in the world with the name of Virgin Mary was built in Ephesus and many people see this place during their Ephesus Private Tours?

• Did you know Ephesus was one of the largest ancient port city in the world , but the ocean is now 6 miles away from the port?

• Did you know that Ancient City of Ephesus was built 4 times in the history and today we see the 3th one?

• Did you know that The Virgin Mary lived her last years of her life in Ephesus?

• Did you know The Virgin Mary’s house in Ephesus is visited by Pope the 6th Paul and Pope Jean Paul 2nd and Benedict as well?

• Did you know The Third Ecumenical Council was held in the Church of the Virgin Mary, in Ephesus?

• Did you know one of the seven wonders of the ancient world that is Temple of Artemis was in Ephesus?

• Did you know one of the Seven Churches (congregation in the first century AD) of Revelation was in Ephesus? (Revelation 2:1-7)

• Did you know St. Paul lived in Ephesus about 3 years and he preached many times to Ephesians at the theatre in? (Acts 19:8,9)

• Did you know one of the first advertisement of the antiquity, which shows the way to the brothel, is on the Marbel Street in Ephesus and can be seen in Ephesus Tours?

• Did you know the story of Seven Sleepers that 7 Christians who fled Ephesus is believed to have slept?

• Did you know that Christians would identify themselves to one another with the sign of the fish which is iktus in Greek and Christians used the sign of the fish as a short hand for a phrase in which each word represented one letter of iktus ‘Jesus Christ God's Son Savior’ ?

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