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Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey, having many ancient cities around, a big international airport and cruise ship port. That’s why, here became a popular touristic destination welcomes million of the tourists from all around the world in each year. Since here is a big commercial city, many organizations and congresses are held in this city. Because of the this reason, many people visit the city. When they come here, of course beside the business and meetings, they want to visit the historical sites around city. There are many historical places in / around Izmir as Agora, Clock Tower, Acropolis Pergamom, Asklepion, Sardis and the most important one that is Ancient City of Ephesus.

There are many options for Ephesus Tours in Izmir. Some of the tours start from hotels that the guests stay, some of them from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and some of them from cruise port of Izmir. The people mostly request for Private Ephesus Tours because this is the best way to explore Ancient City of Ephesus and other attractions around. If the guests want to book a private tour from Izmir Ephesus Tours, they can be met where they wished as hotels, airport or cruise port. But most of the guests want to be picked up from their hotels. So, the tour starts from hotel after driver, Ephesus Tour Guide and van arrived to their hotels. Driving from hotels in the city centrum of Izmir to Ephesus takes around one hour. The tour companies visit not only Ancient City of Ephesus during the tour of Izmir Ephesus Tours, but also they visit House of the Virgin Mary, Terrace Houses and Temple of Artemis. The tour starts from House of the Virgin Mary. Mostly, the tour companies stay there around 30 minutes. But, if you booked a Private Ephesus Tours, you can spend as much as you wished since this is a private tour and you decide the timing. After House of the Virgin Mary, you will visit Ancient City of Ephesus. Your driver will leave you at the upper gate of Ephesus, but your Ephesus Tour Guide will come with you and tell you everything during the tour of Ephesus. In the middle of the tour, you can visit Terrace houses that is an another museum in Ephesus. These are the houses of the rich people in the Roman Age, famed with excellent mosaic and frescos. After Terrace Houses, you will continue to have the tour in Ephesus. Your Ephesus Tour will finish at the lower gate of Ephesus. Your driver will meet you there, so you do not need to walk to upper gate of Ephesus. After Ephesus Tour, your next stop will be Temple of Artemis that is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Temple of the Artemis will be last stop in the tour. Depending to your wish, we can have a local lunch in Ephesus. Then, we drive back to your hotel in Izmir, airport or cruise port. This is the end of Ephesus Private Tour.

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