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Ephesus is an ancient city that is located at western part of Turkey, in the borders of modern Selcuk city, very closed to Kusadasi that is the second largest cruise port city. Most of the visitors of Ephesus are from cruise ships that dock to Kusadasi. The poeple from cruise ships want to join Ephesus Tours from port of Kusadasi. Especially, the best way to have a tour in Ephesus is to take one of Private Ephesus Tours that you can explore the city. Today, it is very easy to reach Ephesus.
There are many optional ways to visit Ephesus. Some of the people take a flight from Istanbul to Izmir, then they arrange an Izmir Ephesus Tours to go to Ephesus, at the end of the tour they turn back to Istanbul. Actually, around 7-8 hours will be enough to see everything around here. There are many optinoal flights from Istanbul to Izmir. The best time to come Izmir Airport is around 9.00am. Driving takes around 1 hour from Izmir to our first stop that is House the Virgin Mary. The people can visit Ephesus and other attractions around Ephesus in 5-6 hours. Then a return flight around 7.00pm will be a good option. This is one of the most popular ways to visit Ephesus.
The other option is Ephesus Tours from Izmir Hotels. The people take a flight to Izmir Airport, they stay in Izmir one night, they visit Ephesus next day and leave in two days. Most of the companies arrange Private Ephesus Tours from Izmir hotels. They pick the guests up from hotels, give the Ephesus Tours, then after tour take them back to their hotels.
Another option is having an Ephesus Private Tour from hotels in Kusadasi or Selcuk. The tour companies arrange the tours from hotels in Selcuk and Kusadasi to Ephesus.
But, the most popular way to visit Ephesus is Ephesus Tours from cruise ships. Most of the visitors of Ephesus are from cruise ships that docks to Kusadasi resort city. Many people from cruise ships book an Ephesus Shore Excursions, visit all the hşghlights of the area and after tour turn back to their ship.

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