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Tourism is a business sector that grows every year with new alternative destinations and bazaars, technology. Millions of the people in world travel from one point to another one, visit different destinations, use different kind of transports like cruise ships, flights, trains, buses ; ingredients as hotels, restaurants, tour companies, tour guides, drivers, animation teams and more sources for a better holiday and their comfort during their resting time. When the people realized that tourism is growing every year and the travellers spend billions dollar for their holidays, they started to organize tours in their destinations.
Turkey is a country that is one of the most popular tourist destinations with its beauty, ancient cities, naturel sources, very clean beaches and bays, thermal springs. That’s why, millions of the people travel to Turkey in each year and tourism became second biggest industry in Turkey after agriculture. So, many people in Turkey started to work in tourism sector and new tourism branches were born like guiding. Many of the universities in Turkey opened new branches, they became very popular for the students and finally many of the students started to study guiding. After they graduated from the university, the Turkish Government gives them a certificate to work throughout Turkey since it is impossible to guiding in Turkey without a licence issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Our company and guiding team is one of the most popular tour company in Turkey arranges Private Ephesus Tours to Ancient City of Ephesus with licensed very proffesional local tour guides and new brand of Mercedes vans with separete drivers. All of our tour guides and our company specialized especially in tours to Ancient cith of Ephesus. Our tour guide team is very friendly, takes care with all needs of their guests and arrange very flexible private tours in Ephesus. We believe our guests deserve the best service in Ephesus since it may be their first and only one time in Ephesus and no more chance to come here again. So, they need to have best tour and tour guide in Ephesus.
Our private Ephesus tours in Ephesus are tailored to bring Ephesus to life in the best way possible for our guests and travel partners. Our tour guides are Ephesians who have been selected for their expertise, passion and personality.
We mostly supply most personal requests and prefer to work with a small selected group of specialist suppliers throughout Ephesus Ancient City to offer tours for individuals, couples, families and a party of friends. We do prefer to give Ephesus Private Tours for small partys and families, especially to cruisers from cruise ships. We do not arrange regular bus tours and collect the guests from different hotels. There are many advantages of our Ephesus Private tours instead of other organized regular bus tours.
*First of all, our tours are especially ideal for cruise ship passengers who come to Kusadasi ( Ephesus ) or Izmir Ports. Furthermore, our specialized Ephesus tours are priced lower than the cruise excursions and offers you the 100% satisfaction with a higher quality than the group Ephesus tours.
*We are all independent local tour guides from Ephesus. A local person, especially a local tour guide knows around much better than the others.
• If you have private local tour guide in Ephesus, you can ask everything direct to your own private tour guide and get the answers very clearly and suddenly. But you can not do this in a big group of 30-40 people.
• In a big group, if someone fellow gets ill or fell down in the ruins, the tour guide has to care with this person. So, your tour will come unbearable and you can lose your day although it might be your only day in Turkey / Ephesus. But, in a private tour it does not happen, the tour finish when you wished.
• With a large groups, you have to follow a planned itinerary that was written by another person. Maybe this program does not meet your expectations. But in a private tour in Ephesus, you do not have to follow any of the program, you decide what you would like to see and skip some of them or add more. Because our Private Ephesus tours are based on our guests’ needs and interests.
• In large groups, sometimes tour guides can skip the most interesting details in a sight because it might be impossible to show it to everyone in a large group.
• In a private tour, you do not have to wait all the group with about 30-40 people who have different interests, try to take a picture of everything and usually stay behind the group.
• In a private tour in Ephesus, while visiting the ruins you do not wait for a long time in lines to get ticket or get into the Ruins of Ephesus or museums.
• If you can not hear the guide in a large group or you fall behind because the pace is too fast, you are just out of luck.
• In a private tour to Ephesus, you can communicate much better and interact with local people instead of just reading from your guide book and trying to figure out your way.
• In a Ephesus private tour, you can decide when you want to start and conclude your tour. Because this is your own private tour and you are the boss.
• You can give a break to take picture, to eat or drink something, for shopping when and where ever you want during your private tour in Ephesus.
• If you have a private Ephesus Tour, you will have your own private vehicle and driver. You do not need to share a bus with 40 people as it happens in big broups.

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