Izmir Ephesus Tours

dot Why You Should Choose Us?

There are many reasons why the people chose our Private Ephesus Tours.

- First of all private tours are much better than group Ephesus Tours. Because you have to follow the program of group tour. But, if you have a private tour, you do not have to follow any program, if you want to skip something or visit more places beside your program, you can do what ever you wished. Because our Izmir Ephesus Tours are based on our guests’ need and interests.
- We do not request any deposit or prepayment before the tour, our guests can pay all the fees at the end of the tour to Ephesus Private Tour Guide. So, the people feels better if they do not pay any fee before the tour.
- We do work with best tour guides in Ephesus and Mercedes vehicles. We never work with beginner tour guides who have limited knowladge of the are and English. - If you have a Ephesus Tour with us, you can spend your time as much as you wished in each pleace that we visited. Our Ephesus Private Tours are not rushed tours, we do what our guests wanted.
- During a Izmir Ephesus Tour, you can decide when you want to start and finish the tour.
- We do always buy the tickets in advange, so, our guests do not wait in any line during their Ephesus Tours.
- If you have a private Ephesus Tour with us, you can ask your questions direct to your tour guide and get the answer on time.
- In a large group, tour guides might skip most intereting details since it is so difficult to show everything with a huge group tour. But, if you have Private Ephesus Tour with us, your tour guide will tell you all the tiny details of the sites.
- If you have a private tour with us, your tour guide will show you the best spots to take great pictures since most of the visitors in Ephesus love to take pictures for their great experience in Ephesus. But, it is so difficult to do this in a large group since the guide can not wait 30-40 people.
- In a large group, the people can have different interests, different physical limiteds, so you need to wait other people. But, if you have Izmir Ephesus private tour with us, you will be the boss, the guide will be ready to assist your interests. If you want to walk faster, or slower, your guide will do what ever you wished.
- If you have a private tour with us, your Ephesus tour guide will be with you entire day from beginning to end, ready to help you and for your questions.
- We do work always with best local tour guides in Ephesus since nobody knows around better than a local tour guide.
- During the private tour in Ephesus, you can ask your tour guide for best places for shopping and best local food if you want a great lunch in the country.

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