Izmir Ephesus Tours

dot The attractions in Ephesus and prices of them

There are many amazing attractions that the people can see during their Private Ephesus Tours. Many people prefer to take one of the Izmir Ephesus Tours if they stay in Izmir. Here are the some attractions that the people can see during their tours in Ephesus Ancient City. When you start your tour in Ephesus from upper gate, Upper Agora meets you. Agora means market place. But, beside the markey place, agora means meeting place. Actually, there were not shops at upper agora, but all the official buildings were here,all the paper works are made here, so here was the meeting place of the city. That is why here is called agora. You can see the Odeon as well in agora. Here was the place where the concers are organized and city council had the meetings. After Odeon, when you start to walk down to slope, you will reach to a square that was names as Domitian Square. Here took this name from Domitian Temple that is located on the left hand side of square. You can see the excellent carving of Nike in the same square. Here is one of the best picture spots in 70 Ephesus. Then continue to walk down the streets and reach to main street of Ephesus that is known Curetes Street. This street starts with Hercules Gate. You can see excellent carved two statues of Hercules. In the middle of the street, you can Fountain of Trajan. Then we continue our Ephesus Tours with Temple of Hadrian on the right hand side. This is a well-preserved temple that was dedicated for Empreror Hadrian. When you pass the Hadrian Temple, you will reach to public toilets of Ephesus that are one of the most interesting places during the Ephesus Tours. You can see many seats next to each other and there was not any partition between the seats. The people in the ancient times were sitting next to each other and they were talking about politics while they were making their toilets. After public toiltes, the best spot to take a picture in Ephesus meet you, that is Celsus Library. It was the third largest library in the ancient age and that is the best preserved foundation in Ephesus. Here is one the must place to take picture. After library, we continue to walk main agora to reach great theater of Ephesus. It’s capacity was 24.000 people and here is the one of the symbol of Ancient City of Ephesus. And, here is the end of the Private Ephesus Tours.
There are many attractions around Ephesus. Here are the entry fees of the attractions that you can visit during Izmir Ephesus Tours. The entry fee of Ephesus Ancient City is 40 TL, House of the Virgin Mary is 25 TL, Terrace Houses are 20 TL, Saint John Basilica is 10 TL, Ephesus Museum is 10 TL, Sirince Village and Temple of Artemis are free of charge.

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