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Kusadasi is a great resort city that is on the Aegean Sea. Here is a famous town with the cruise port since it is very closed to Ancient City of Ephesus, House of the Virgin Mary, Temple of Artemis and Saint John Basilica. That’s why, many cruise ships dock to this port city in order to visit these famous attractions by Private Ephesus Tours from cruise ships.
But, Kusadasi is not famous only with cruise port, but also with its great location, beaches, night life and of course with shopping facilities. That’s why, tourism became the first business in the town, the local people make their money from tourism. When here became very famous resort city, the people do not come this city only for Ephesus Tours, but also for their vacations. So, many hotels were built in the town, also at the bays of the town. It is estimated that there are around 300 hotels in Kusadasi. Most of them were built very closed to ocean. If the people want a vacation in Kusadasi, they prefer to stay at hotels. What about the prices of the hotels in Kusadasi? There are many 5 star hotels in the town that cost around 50-60 USD for each room per night for 2 people, 4 star hotels are around 30-40 USD for each room per night for 2 people, 3 star hotels are around 15-20 USD for each room per night for 2 people. On the other hand there are many low class hotels in the town that are cost around 10 USD for each room for 2 people for per night. Of course the prices change depending to location of the hotel. If it is located on the water and has a great seawiew, the prices go up. On the other hand, most of the 5 star hotels are all inclusive and the prices of them climb around 100 USD for per night.
Even the people who join to Izmir Ephesus Tours want to have a short visit this great resort city after their Ephesus Tours. Because, Kusadasi is very famous in all around the world and it a privilidge to see this town after Izmir Ephesus Tours.

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