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Ephesus Ancient City is a great outdoor museum. Most of the people in the world would like to visit this great city. But, many people want to visit Ephesus by Private Ephesus Tours since it is the best way to understand and learn Ephesus. The visitors learn many facts of Ephesus during the Ephesus Tours. Of course the people do not book only the private tours, but also they visit Ephesus and other attractions from Izmir by Izmir Ephesus Tours.
Here are the some interesting facts about Ephesus that the people can learn during their Private Ephesus Tours.
First of all, this is the best preserved ancient city in the world. That is why, Ephesus is very popular site in the world. We can say Ephesus was the third largest city during the golden age of Romans. It is estimated that the largest city was Alexandria, and second was Rome. On the other hand, it was a port city one time, but today ocean is far to city around 6 miles since the port was silted up by Meandros River. Another interesting fact is, that was the city where John, Paul and Virgin Mary spend some years and the place where John the Apostle and Mary died. During the Private Ephesus Tour, the visitors can visit Church of Mary that was the first church in the history that was dedicated for Mary. That is an another intersting fact. Beside that Ephesus had a huge population about 250.000 people. The public toilet of Ephesus can be visibled today and there were many seats next to each other without any partition. Ephesus Ancient City has the Celsus Library that was the third largest library in the acient time. Here is the best place to take a picture during Ephesus Tours. Another interesting fact in Ephesus is, the city was built 4 times in different locations since silting up by the river. Beside that Ephesus contains one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, that is the Temple of Artemis can be visited in Izmir Ephesus Tours. There are much more intersting facts in Ephesus, but this is better to learn or see them in the location of this excellent ancient city.

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