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Turkey, the land of the ancient Asia Minor or Anatolia and is and extension and homeland of many great civilizations of the World Heritage such as Hittities, Phrygians, Urartians, Lydians, Ionians, Carians, Lycians,Persians,Hellenistic people,Romans,Seljuks,Ottomans and finally the people of the modern republic. Great location between Europe and Asia, perfect climate, rich and fertile soil, mountains, rivers. What else you need? Today’s Turkey or Ancient Asia Minor was a wonderful place to establish a new city for the ancient civilazations. Especially western part of the country.
Ephesus is a great example to these cities located in this part of the country. It was one of the largest cities in the World 2000 years ago and it was the place where Apostle the John, Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Crist and Apostle the Paul ended up after crucifixion. So Ephesus is not only the place for history lovers but also very important and special place for chiristians. That’s why, every year, millions of tourists from all over the world come and visit Ephesus Ancient City and House of the Virgin Mary as well where Mary spent last years of her life. These places have made tourism to grow a lot.
Because of this kind of sources are located very closed to Kusadasi, the people in Kusadasi added as a port of call by the World wide famous cruise lines to their destinations. And tour companies in Kusadasi were giving the tours to Ephesus for the guests from hotels in the town, but also from Izmir Airport and hotels in Izmir. But, the harbor was built in Kusadasi and many famous cruise ships added this town for Ephesus to their itinerary, the tour companies in the town started to arrange Private Ephesus Shore Excursions from huge cruise ships. Our company is one of them and we only gives Private Ephesus Tours with new brand of Mercedes vehicles, private drivers and Ephesus private tour guide. Our Ephesus Shore Excursions are very flexible and tailored according to our guests wishes. Our mission is to provide the best tour experince in Ephesus our guests have ever had .We customise Ephesus Private Tours lead by dynamic, passionate locals to give you the best memories of Ehesus Ancient City. At Ephesus Private Tours, we believe in providing high quality guiding services that will make a real difference to your experience of the Ancient City of Epheus. We believe a tour is not just about sites, names and dates, but it is about the stories of the city as well. It is a conversation about place, the communication of ideas, and conveying the lived experience of history within a modern culture. All our guides are not just experienced guides, they are excellent conversationalists and master storytellers, able to weave together the strands of people (names), time (dates) and place (sites) to create an unforgettable tapestry of history, culture, war and the rebirth of a nation which is Ancient City of Epheus. We believe in providing personalised, quality services to our customers. We are defined by our flexibility and our ability to customise our services to provide our customers with a unique Ephesus Ancient City tour experience tailored to their interests. We believe, the service should not just be professional, but should be exceptional. We go above and beyond the usual, going out of our way to ensure you have a wonderful time and leave Kusadasi Port and Ancient City of Epheus with unforgettable memories.
The highligts of port of Kusadası are Ancient City of Ephesus, House of the Mary, Terrace Houses (where wealthy people of Ephesus lived 2000 years ago ) and Temple of Artemis /Diana (one of the 7 wonders of the ancient World). But we take our clients to the Ephesus Museum, Basalica of St. John and Sirince village if requested. This is the best advantage of having a Private Ephesus Shore Excursion. We offer private tours in Ephesus and Ephesus Shore Excursions only for couples, familes and friends not only from the harbour of Kusadasi but also from the Izmir ADB Airpot and hotels in the nearby neigbourhood.
Just tell us where and when you are going, with a wish list of what you want from your Epheus tour. The best suited local guides will design tour proposals just for you. May be it is going to be your first and the last time in Turkey, that’s why we want our clients to have the best service from the first and the last moment of their Ephesus tours. In the hot summer days we get 40-45Celcius / 100-110 Fahrenayt degree in Ephesus so we make sure that everybody grab one sun umbrealla and bottle of cold water prepared by our company in the vehicle. Or if you have a little baby or an infant travelling with you just let us know, we will arrange a baby seat for you. What about luch? Since you are having a Private Ephesus Tour or Ephesus Shore Excursions, you will be taken to a farm to table restaurants or regular local restaurants where big tour buses dont go!! With these kind of details, we are trying to show how much we care our clients.
Join our Private Epheus Tour and discover one of the marvels of ancient world, the amazing historical site of Epheus which is in the UNESCO heritage list. Join us for a fascinating 5-6 hours private tour to Ephesus, where you get to see the best preserved parts of the city and learn about life in the Roman Age. Experience ancient Epheus in all its magnificence.

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