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Turkey is a country that has a great location with its geography, perfect climate with 4 season sunshine and very fertile soil. Because of these reasons, many civilations as Hitits, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Selcuks, Ottomans and today Turks setteled in this rich area. So, all the civilations brought huge cities to this lovely contry. Ephesus is one of them that is located at the western part of Turkey today, but was the meeting point where Asia, Africa and Europe met with its famous port. It was the city where silk and royal road passed one time. Today it is one of the best preserved Greko-Roman Ancient City in the world. Here is one of most important places in the world with a great amount of history.
Because of its famous name, millions of the people visit Ancient City of Ephesus in each year. That’s why, many of local tour companies and tour guides in Izmir organize Ephesus tours to this superb preserved ancient city. On the other hand, hundreds of cruise ships dock to port of Izmir in each year in order to let their guests to visit Ephesus and the other sites around Ephesus. Because, without a tour guide, or the right guide it is certainly a missed opportunity to appreciate it.
Today, our company arrange Ephesus Tours from cruise ships that dock to Izmir for their short day stop. We do work with best local tours guides in Ephesus and Izmir; prefer to arrange the tours by very luxury new brand of Mercedes vans with separate drivers. We are a team of officially Licensed Professional Tour Guides that are all from Ephesus and Izmir, have many years of expertises in Ephesus Ancient City and arounds, graduated from The National School of Guiding and hold the official licence issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism needed to work throughout Turkey. Our Ephesus Tours are designed for both individuals and groups who are looking for fully escorted itineraries within Ephesus in English or other languages by comfortable tour vehicles suited to the size of their party.
Our choice of tour guides and vehicles are the best ones in their fields. It might be some of our guests have not been here before and maybe they will not have anymore chance to come back to visit this great city. We believe the cruisers who come to Ephesus and Izmir deserve receiving the best service for their only day here. Most of our tour guides in Ephesus grew up nearby, so they are all licensed proffesional local guides and nobody knows around better than a local tour guide in Ephesus. Our Ephesus Tours are totaly flexible, tailored upon our guests’s choise, interests and of course their budgets. During the tours in Ephesus, our knowledgeable tour guides show the best photo ops to their guests. Our tour guides conduct their tours very professionally always ensuring it is informative, interesting and enjoyable for everyone in the groups. Our guests walk away feeling informed with a greater appreciation of history and a smile on their face. Our knowledgeable tour guides, providing our guests enough information to understand what they were seeing, and giving them time to explore themselves before moving on to the next sight.
Our tours are carefully organised by our professional and experienced staff to provide our guests with the most unforgettable travel experience of their life. We prefer to organise only private tours for parties. The reason why we prefer to arrange private tours is, we wish our guests can spend their time as much as they wished in each site, ask questions to their knowledgeable local tour guides, meet with local people and ask to tour guide for delicious Turkish food, he/she recommend the best places to have delicious local lunch with reasonable prices.
Our Ephesus Tours mostly start from cuise port in Izmir. But, upon to our guests requests, we do give tours to Ephesus from hotels in Izmir and Izmir, in addition from Izmir Airport. Our tours do not start when the guests arrived in Ephesus, but our guides share Turkish culture, traditions, and even jokes along the way to Ephesus Ancient City and other sites around Ephesus. We meet our guests at their hotels, airport or cruise ship port, a short scenic drive to our first stop. We are always with our guests from beginning to end of the tour. After tour, we take our guests back to their hotels, ship or airport. Our tour programs do not include only Ephesus, but also it covers many sights around Ephesus. We prefer to show our guests as much as we could do depending to their energy, time and interests.

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