Izmir Ephesus Tours

dot How can i go to Ephesus from İzmir?

Ephesus Ancient City has a very good location and it is so easy to visit this excellent old city from Izmir. There are many optinal ways to visit Ephesus.
First of all many people visit Ephesus from Izmir Airport. There is a very modern road to Ephesus from Izmir Airport. It takes more or less 1 hour to reach Ephesus Ancient City from Izmir Airport. On the other hand there is no traffic on the way since you do not need drive into the cities, but you do from countryside, so no traffic on the way. The best way to explore an ancien city is to book a private tour. So, many people visit Ephesus by Private Ephesus Tours. There are many optional ways to book Ephesus Tours from Izmir. This city can be visibled from Izmir Airport, Hotels in Izmir, Izmir Cruise Ship Port or train station in Izmir. F you land to Izmir Airport, the guide of Izmir Ephesus Tours can meet you at airport, drive to Ephesus and other attractions, then you can have Ephesus Tours and your guide can leave you at airport after the tour. The other option is having a tour from hotels in Izmir. Again, the guide can meet you at the reception of your hotel, give your Ephesus Tour in 6-7 hours, after tour you will be dropped where you started the tour. Beside the hotel and airport, many people visit Ephesus from cruise ships that dock to Izmir Cruise Port. You can have Private Ephesus Tours from cruise port too.
But, some of the people want to do their own in Ephesus. So, the people can take a taxi to Ephesus, but it will be so expensive since the taxi driver will leave you in Ephesus, but he can not wait the people whole day. So, you need to take another taxi from Ephesus to Izmir. Beside the taxi, the buses can be used to reach Ephesus from Izmir. You should g oto bus station in Izmir, take a bus to Selcuk Town, then you need to take a taxi from Selcuk city centrum to Ephesus.
Beside the Private Ephesus Tours, there is another option that is joining a small group tour. But, of course it will not be as good as private tour. Izmir Ephesus Tours prefer to organize private tours since this is the best way to visit Ephesus Ancient City.

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